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Waxing Your Car The Right Way

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When it comes to maintaining one’s car, waxing and restorative painting is something you will most definitely come across often. If you aren’t the kind to do it on your own, you most probably have a maintenance guy you depend on. On the other hand, if you are the kind that loves to do things on their own like me, then you have landed in the right place.

In this article, am going to share with you the right way to go about applying your car wax in the right and perfect way. The new ways of waxing cars have totally revolutionized how we are used to do it. Of course, this is due to new improvements and better brands and techniques being introduced to ensure that you get the best out of your polish. As such, the following easy steps should enlighten you more:

Squeaky Clean

Before you begin to wax your car, you need to ensure that you first have it in good condition for the process. This is done by ensuring that you totally clean the car first. Unlike the olden days when there were waxes that could clean and wax at the same time, nowadays there are dedicated cleaners to remove any and all kinds of contamination from the car’s surface. You can make use of a clay bar to better clean your car.

Polish Any Defects

When it comes to waxing, the aim is to improve the outlook for the car. This includes the removal of blemishes that might have developed on the car during your time using it. Before waxing, you need to ensure that you polish it with an abrasive product to remove any scratches or swirls. Find a car polish with abrasive properties to solve this part of the waxing process.

Applying Your Wax

When you are done making your car ready to wax, you can now go ahead and begin your waxing process. In this case, you will have to choose the best wax for car. For starters, you can choose to go for a spray wax. The current ones are quite awesome as they have great polymer coating technology that has drastically improved the quality of output.

On the other hand, you can try out liquid or paste wax products. These days the two are offered as opposite versions. You can get a paste or liquid wax of the same brand, both which will give you a perfect finish. Once you have chosen which to go, all you have to do now is worry about your technique which may not offer that big of a difference when it comes to outcome. Hopefully, if you wax in these steps, you are bound to get it right every single time.

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