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Kayaking and canoeing are great outdoor activities which involve a paddling a small craft through a stream of water. This stream of water can be a river, lake or a sea. These activities can improve your health if done on a regular basis and can turn into a hobby, a fun family activity while on holiday and even a competitive sport.

How To Find The Best Kayak Rental Near You

The words kayaking and canoeing are often used in the same breath however; these words are very different from each other. Kayaking involves an enclosed vessel where one sits inside a kayak. While inside the kayak, the user will have their legs extended and use double bladed paddles to paddle their way through a river, lake or sea. Canoeing on the other hand involves an open vessel where one sits inside a canoe with their knees inside. Paddling is done with the help of a single bladed paddle through a lake, river or sea. If anyone wants to find kayak rentals near my locations then the best place to start searching is in the Google. Google search engine will show one all the nearby kayak rental places and all the have to do is pick the place that is close to them or the one that is offering the best price. Another way to find the best kayak rental places is to check the directory. This is like a large book which contains a list of organisation from A to Z as well as their contact information. All one has to do is search the category they are looking for which in this case is kayaking, see all the places that offer this service in the directory and give them call.

Kayaking Activities

There Are Different Types Of Activities Involved When It Comes To Kayaking And These Include Things

  • Ocean sailing – Very popular in the USA, this is a race that take place at an ocean
  • Surf kayaking – Instead of a surf board, a fin is fitted to a kayak
  • Sailing – This is where one fits their kayak with a sail
  • Sea kayaking – A very popular sport in countries like USA and Australia, this involves paddling at a sea
  • Sprint racing – As the name suggests, this is simply a race which involves a sprint across water.\
  • Freestyle – This is where the person doing the paddling does a wide range of drink over a stream of water.

Advantages Of Kayaking

Kayaking is not only a low impact activity that improves a person’s fitness; it brings about a variety of health benefits.

  1. Kayaking involves moving a paddle and this increase the strength in person’s arms, chest, back and shoulders.
  2. Kayaking drastically improves a person’s cardiovascular fitness
  3. Since Kayaking is a low impact activity, people who do this often have a reduced risk of tearing any muscle or joints.
  4. Kayaking improves the strength of your legs because to power a kayak, you need to use your legs a lot.

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