The Issues Of Men In Testosterone

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Many individuals are curious – do men have hot flashes? Do men even suffer menopause in the long run? Would they gain weight and then suffer drive in sex eventually? All of these are raised because it is true that at one point – people will go through issues in life, health specifically that they have to solve. Across the board – the answer to all would have to be a big yes. That is the painful reality to this. Men would go through the condition termed as Andropause. For women, the term menopause is not new. However, for the past couple of years, men started to also realize the occurrence of Andropause. This has hit the media and most people are aware of it already. Men are now even seeking for assistance in order for them to get the help that they need. What else is to be expected?

Comprehending The Complications Of Men’s Health

For the benefit of those who are still clueless, it would help to have an idea on the real symptoms of Andropause. As men reach middle age, maybe between the ages of 40 to 60, they would experience symptoms like that of women. Such can be either perimenopause or menopause. There are signs that have to be monitored just in case they happen to men. These are the following:

  1. There will be a decrease in the levels of energy.
  2. The mind will suddenly become slow.
  3. There will be a lack of desire for physical activity, even a loss of it may happen.
  4. The toning of the muscle will somehow deteriorate.
  5. The midsection of the body will suddenly have body fats.
  6. There will be trouble in sleeping.
  7. There will be hot flashes during night and day.
  8. Irritability, either mild or moderate may be pretty obvious too.
  9. The desire to intimacy will disappear.
  10. The enthusiasm for daily life will no longer be apparent.

The aforementioned may happen to any males out there. Basically, they will start to surface in the middle ages. This is common for men  because like women, they also have a tendency to decline their male hormones. There are articles around the place saying that the increase of testosterone levels to men would improve the signs in a dramatic manner. There are also readings presented saying that they are always associated with Alzheimer’s disease. For those who want to be prepared with this, it would assist a lot to go for a regular checkup of blood. This is a chance to keep an eye on a man’s testosterone levels. There are even times when testosterone replacement lotion is offered. It is said that doing this over a year will somehow be effective in the improving of such. This can be considered in that sense.

There are still many things to learn about the body. This is for sure. In order to be fully understanding of this, it would not hurt to research whenever you can. If you are good in sex, but not happy with the size you have then you can try the best male enhancement pills. So you can fulfill the dreams of your partner. These pills are safe for you if you take in special consideration.

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